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Refurbishment of 329 Queen Street.


Restaurant / Hospitality Design  

FOUR is a charming desert café nestled in a bustling city. Its eye-catching exterior, adorned with flowing blue accents, invites you to step inside. Influenced by the childhood nostalgia of a birthday cake, FOUR presents a nostalgic experience intertwined with culinary traditions.

The bustling surroundings of the building mirror the excitement and anticipation of a birthday cake's grand reveal. The building itself, becomes a symbolic cake, with its exterior artfully designed to resemble dripping icing. Stepping inside FOUR is akin to taking that first delightful bite - a sensory journey of indulgence. With dark walnut-stained wood, sleek glossy tables, and warm yellow lighting, you become an essential ingredient in this decadent cake-inspired environment.

At FOUR, every visit is an opportunity to savor the flavors of nostalgia and create new memories amidst the comforting embrace of tradition and indulgence. Whether indulging in desserts or sipping on beverages, guests are invited to partake in a culinary experience that transcends time and transports them back to the sweet simplicity of childhood celebrations.

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