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Award-Winning Project

  • AD23 Artichoke Award for outstanding interior design

  • Red Awards - Merit

  • Scentre Group Student Exhibition 2024 

Retail store & Gallery space  


The design brief for this project was rooted in the exploration of fabricating fictional worlds through the conceptualisation of a retail space for comics, manga, and graphic novel enthusiasts. Delving into this realm, I found myself captivated by the interplay of white space amidst the vivid imagery, contemplating its significance and the potential inhabitants of this metaphysical realm within reality. I recognised the connection between students and emerging artists, sensing that they navigated a liminal space, delicately balanced on the edge of something. Caught in this moment between moments. 


Through a series of printmaking, I embarked on a journey to capture the gestural movements and directional lines present in manga and comics. Inspired by Leopold Lambert's comic, "Lost in the Line," these prints became the cornerstone of my exploration, embodying the essence of dynamic storytelling through visual cues. Translating these prints into tangible elements of the architectural design, I seamlessly integrated folds and curves throughout the structure, establishing them as a recurring motif that echoed the fluidity and energy of the comic medium.

CUSP is a creative hub. Within the space, A curated selection of student-made products and prints will be available to purchase while also holding events, workshops and regular art exhibitions that will feature local emerging artists and student work from nearby schools and universities. The space is a testament to the transformative power of the “in-between,” a space where potential thrives, growth is tangible, and narratives are created.


The proposed store becomes a platform for artists and designers to share their journeys, and the events and workshops become a stage for narratives of artistic development. Cusp, in essence, serves as a bridge to guide students and emerging artists from one moment to the next.

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Physical Model

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